About Yugo.sg
Yugo is a Singapore-based online marketplace built upon a secure and stable platform designed to give you a more enjoyable and seamless shopping experience. Derived from a Japanese word that means "fusion", Yugo is committed to building a diverse community where buyers and sellers can discover each other.

Yugo aims to become Singapore's no.1 online marketplace by connecting buyers and sellers through a consolidated platform of opportunity. We promise to give you a fuss-free shopping experience with utmost consideration for quality service from "window" shopping all the way to the checkout process.

Business Opportunity for Sellers
Yugo is the perfect place for sellers to showcase their products to a wide range of buyers. We enable small businesses and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to establish an online shop with zero costs. If you have anything to offer or sell, all you need to do is apply for a FREE vendor account and you will be processing orders in no time.